Holistic Health for the LGBTI+ Community 

The Queer Wellness Centre aims to provide world-class care for members of the LGBTI+ Community.  We aim to provide individual cutting edge care that is all welcoming and puts our patients at the centre of our trail blazing practice.

The Queer Wellness Centre will provide world-class expert healthcare to the LGBTQI+ community in Africa. Members of the community will now have access to a dedicated safe space where they can receive treatment, guidance, and support provided by professional practitioners, without prejudice. QWC will be the first centre of its kind on the African continent, and will also provide anal care and treatment, including anoscopy, for the detection of anal cancer.

We need help with our set up costs which include the design of our space, the rebuild of the space (flooring, electrical and plumbing) and furniture and finishes. After this our model is self-sustainable.

Overall, this centre is a place of compassion and targeted, specialist health care. QWC is set to open its doors in November 2019. Located in Johannesburg, with goals to expand into other parts of the country as well as the African continent in the future.

Co-founder and specialist physician, Dr. Claudia Do Vale, expresses her excitement about the upcoming launch of the centre and says “It is a privilege to be able to contribute towards good healthcare and safe spaces for the LGBTQI+ community. My drive and passion is to make an impact on the lives of members of the community and this will serve as the foundation on which the QWC legacy will be built.”


QWC is founded by Dr. Claudia Do Vale, Dr. Ryan van der Merwe and Mr. Scott Hunt.
It’s multi-service expert healthcare offering to the LGBTQI+ community includes;

  • Focused health care for each member of the LGBTQI+ community
  • Screenings and Treatment
  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • Specific Care Advice
  • Dispensing of Medication
  • Single point of care for primary and specialist healthcare for the LGBTQI+ community
  • Safe space where confidentiality is paramount
  • Advocacy for unique healthcare needs of the LGBTQI+ community
  • Cutting edge technology in STI diagnostics
  • First provider of anal care and treatment (including anoscopy for anal cancer detection)
  • Prejudice-free service
  • Consultations